Real Time Efficiency Improvement of Milling Circuit

Theme: Asset Optimization & Predictive maintenance

Expected Pilot Duration - 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

The challenge lies in the hydro cyclone's inaccurate classification, causing misplaced particles to recirculate, leading to metal losses. A predictive AI-based system for real-time P80 visibility is needed to optimize milling process parameters and enhance control.

Challenge Scenario

The challenge is that the hydro cyclone's inaccurate classification, causing misplaced particles to recirculate in the milling circuit and leading to overgrinding of Pb. A solution is required to predict the P80 of the cyclone (based on input parameters like ball mill power, rod mill power, cyclone feed density and flow, cyclone overflow density and flow, mill fee water etc.) to enhance precision and control over output parameters.

The inaccurate classification of particles within the hydro cyclone results in the recirculation of misplaced particles, contributing to either overgrinding or under grinding of particles which ultimately leads to metal losses. The lack of control over the process and output parameters exacerbates the problem.

The system should be able to predict the P80 (possibly using AI capability), advising operators on input parameters. It should integrate easily with the existing plant configuration, and be user-friendly for operators

Profile of the end users

Technical Teams

Conducting regular milling circuit surveys to monitor the classification efficiency.

Plant Operations

Monitoring the cyclone efficiency and Pb misplacement in Cu concentrate on an ongoing basis.

Mining Team

Ensuring the availability of the right ore type and blending it in the correct ratio (5:1 for Pb/Cu feed grade).

Solution Requirements

Mill-circuit Efficiency Improvement - An anticipated improvement of approximately 6% is expected, with the percentage of particles passing 75µm increasing from 54% to 60%. This improvement is attributed to the enhanced precision and control over the milling process achieved through real-time Particle Size Distribution (P80) prediction and optimization.

Cost Reduction on Power & Grinding Media - initiative is anticipated to result in a targeted cost reduction of around 10% in power consumption and grinding media consumption.

Hydro Cyclone System: Develop an advanced hydro cyclone system with improved particle classification capabilities to ensure accurate separation of particles, minimizing over grinding or under grinding in the milling circuit.

Precise Process Control: Implement a solution that enables precise control over process and output parameters, allowing operators to optimize milling operations based on real-time data and predictive analytics.

Efficiency Monitoring: Enable continuous monitoring of cyclone efficiency and classification performance within the milling circuit. The system should provide real-time feedback to operators, facilitating proactive interventions and ensuring optimal performance. it.

Robust Mining-Ready System: Develop a resilient system capable of operating effectively in challenging mining conditions, ensuring reliability and durability to withstand harsh environments.

Seamless Plant Integration: Facilitate seamless integration with the existing plant configuration during installation, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth incorporation into the milling circuit.

User-Friendly Interface: Design a user-friendly interface for operators, prioritizing ease of use and simplicity in system operation. The intuitive interface should empower operators to navigate the system effortlessly and access critical data with clarity.

Expected Outcomes

Operational KPIs/Metrics:
Baseline KPI
(Unit of Measurement)
Baseline #
(Baseline Period)
Expected Timeline to achieve 100% Target
Final Grind 54% passing 75µm 60% passing 75µm 3 months
Cost reduction on power consumption & grinding media -10% 3 months

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