Upcycling of ash and conversion into sustainable sand material/ profitable product

Theme: Wealth out of Waste

Expected Pilot Duration: 6 Months

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Challenge Summary

Identification of suitable application and pilot project for gainful utilization of ash by upcycling it to sand material or profitable product.

Challenge Scenario

TSPL is a coal-based power plant. Burning of coal leads to generation of ash.

Annual average ash generation at TSPL: 2.7 Mn MT.

Legacy ash accumulated over years: 3.5 Mn MT

The ash generated constitutes 1. Fly ash 2. Bottom ash 3. Legacy ash. Fly ash constitutes 80% and bottom ash constitutes 20%.
Legacy ash: Ash that cannot be reutilized and is stored in the tailing dam.

70-75% of total generated ash is currently utilized in road construction, brick kilns, cement manufacturing etc. Ash is mostly handled in the ash handling plant and stored in the tailing dam.
TSPL is looking to derive a profitable product from the legacy ash. Pilot project and quantity of the legacy ash utilized can be varied based on the proposed solutions.

Profile of the end users

Ash handling team

Responsible for storage / dumping of ashes

Ash sales team

Identifies use cases and generates leads for sale of ash.

Solution Requirements

Sustainable conversion of ash into useable product

Reduction in legacy waste

Increase in ash utilization (%)

Easily deployable solution

Profitable Utilization of 100% of ash generated via burning of coal.

Monetization potential i.e., financial gains by sale of ash

Only nascent technologies present in the market

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Ash utilization ~2.1 million MT/ year ~ 4 million MT/ year Expected For pilot project: 15-10 MT of ash can be utilized
2.  ESG Impact:
ESG Metrics Expected Value/State
Increase in environmental liability Towards Zero waste generation

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