Drilling operations Digitalisation and Optimization

Theme: Asset Optimization & Predictive Maintenance

Expected Pilot Duration - 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Lack of a digital dashboard for visualization, analysis & prediction tools that allows users to monitor & analyze project data from wellsite operations in real time. It will be the central point of information for all the operations under progress & that will be planned under 'Growth'.

Challenge Scenario

Currently, extensive technical data, HSE data, Finance data etc., is generated from wellsite operations. Handling data from all projects under Growth & analyzing it on a real time basis is cumbersome & time-consuming task, requiring human interventions for complete data cycle. Digital drilling solution conceptualized as a digital dashboard capturing all critical data on a real time basis will help in quick assessment of projects under Growth.

This digital dashboard will have following modules to capture & display all critical & relevant data associated to Growth projects:

Well scheduler - Showing well sequencing for undrilled wells, present planning status of the well, associated inventory status, services availability considering timeline of next 1-3 years.

Rig Module - Capturing the number of rigs deployed, KPIs, performance of these rigs, basic information about current activity & parameters, NPTs/Total NPTs, etc.

Drill Module - Capturing ongoing drilling activities, drilling parameters (feed from RTOC), identifying Optimization opportunities (From based on offset wells performance) using AI/ML, KPIs, Planned Vs Actual cost monitoring, drilling data cross plots etc.

Profile of the end users

Technical Teams

Teams use multiple sources to gather data, interpret it & make suggestions. Presently this process is manual. By digital drilling solutions, this rigorous task can be automated to eliminate human intervention in the process.

Management Team

Responsible for maintaining the design workflow process (maker / checker) and necessary approvals.

Solution Requirements

Well scheduler to show present & future wells, their current status

Highlight optimization opportunities by application of AI/ML by studying offset wells data. Perform standard offset wells analysis.

Use data mining techniques to read daily generated manual data from Daily Reports & produce required inputs for interactive dashboard.

Standard and approved calculations and inter - connected with operations solution to optimize any future design

Managers to get visibility on progress and thus have better control to efficiently complete well planning & execution process.

Integration with current SAP architecture.

Centralized offset data analysis.

Eliminate manual working assumptions.

Features compatible with current IT infrastructure and software support.

Feed-back and Approval system for projects.

Standardized design templates.

On cloud solution for site works and suppor

Data mining capability to read data from manual reports that is being generated

Installation/Integration: Solution should be easily integrat-able to the existing IT set up and software systems, without any major modifications.

Standard and Approved calculation with proven track record: Software should be industry standard and easy to use.

Cost of the Integrating existing suite of software: The current AMC for Landmark software is ~$0.14 Mn for 5 licenses per annum.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Man Hours saving NA
Improved control on planning & execution process NA
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Extensive manual data handling:
- Operations reports being generated need to be manually read & analyzed to make interpretations.
- Need manual inputs to identify optimization solutions.
- Time consuming process for engineers
Automate data by using data mining techniques & make standard dashboard parameters autoupdate. Reduce human efforts to analyse & interpret data.
Multiple reports are being handled Single source platform for quick assessment of planning & operations

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