Silo Stock Management System

Theme: Asset Optimization & Predictive Maintenance

Expected Pilot Duration: 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Current method to measure the stock is a major concern for Supply Chain Planning. Real-time Silo Stock management system is required with a high accuracy and end-to-end visibility.

Challenge Scenario

Currently, port stock is measured based on the derived value based on the quantity fed through the unloader. Currently the stock is measured by manual visual inspection and poses risk on the supply chain planning.

Port stock is currently measured from the value obtained during the following tasks:

1. quantity fed into the silo and
2. output i.e. quantity drawn from the silo.

The difference in the value gives the stock position in the silo on a daily basis. The method followed to know the current stock of Silo is conventional and manual.

Real-time monitoring of the stock in silos is not done now, as no devices are installed for that. The desired solution is expected to perform real-time monitoring of stocks in the silos and enable understanding of inflow and outflow of stocks.

The scope of the project shall entail 1 silo of 20,000 Tonnes and its automation and analytics for visibility of the current stock.

Profile of the end users

Port Team

Responsible for maintaining the silo stock based on the business requirements.

Solution Requirements

Possible alternate application of off-spec polymer or waste polymer can be explored as

Record to be maintained over the period

Timely maintenance of the monitoring hardware device (if utilized)

Alert and notification to the mobile phone incase of the level breach

Dashboard visualization in mobile & centralized system

Relevant solution to monitor the silo volume on a real time basis

Accuracy and durability of the devices to be very high

Hardware Devices should be readily available for installation.

Inflow and outflow of material should be measured accurately.

Able to perform accurately in dusty environments

Accuracy and durability test to be conducted for the device.

Functionality to perform in dusty environments is a prerequisite.

Integration with historic data.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Target State (Expected)
Accuracy of the real-time stock keeping of the silo against manual measurement. Medium high
Time to measure the stock 120 Mins (Manual) Real-time data on availability stock - 0 Mins
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Manual technique to capture stock Real time stock visibility
Time and resource-oriented process Automated and self-managed process
Low accuracy & visibility of stock High accuracy and real-time visibility

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