Predictive maintenance of HVAC units

Theme: Asset Optimization & Predictive maintenance

Expected Pilot Duration - 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Lack of a monitoring system for operation and control leads to increased operational cost ,inefficient contract management ,and inefficient energy consumption.

Challenge Scenario

HVAC is a crucial equipment of the plant when it comes to maintaining ambient conditions for equipment and workers. It has direct correlation with business and administrative outcomes. It's not feasible to preserve labs, sensitive electronic Systems like DCS, ICS, ESD, VFD, Microprocessors, Soft Starters and other Power electronic Devices without maintaining sustainable temperature. Collecting HVAC Equipment status centrally across 68 substations and Labs is not convenient by manual intervention since the equipment is widely distributed across the factory floor.

Profile of the end users

Coal Oven Team

Electrical Team - Responsible for operation and maintenance of HVAC equipment and due to unavailability of central monitoring leads to long breakdown periods.

Solution Requirements

Monitoring equipment health to keep live track of Tripping and operation parameters.

Smart Energy Meters to help operate the machine efficiently and achieve energy saving targets.

Contract management can be an ease when running hours summary is handy.

Switching to Predictive Maintenance from Preventive Maintenance.

Recommendation to maintenance team when to take isolation for maintenance.

Facilitate a quick simulation to showcase the optimal running hours and energy consumed.

Showcase potential cost saving through optimal power saving.

Installation/Integration: Solution should be easily integrable to the existing systems, without any major modifications.

Security: Industry standard security licenses should be available for cloud-based solutions

The failure notifications must be sent out instantly or within 15 mins from its occurrence to all the users and contractors.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Number of failures - 0
Duration of failure notifications to users and contractors from the time of its occurrence 0 < 15 mins
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Long Breakdown Periods with no history of equipment health Central Monitoring with Alarm and Equipment Health Analysis along with capability to detect if the system running inefficiently
3. ESG Impact:
ESG Metric Expected Value/State
CO2 Emission 20% Reduction

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