Jumbo Reliability Improvement

Theme: Asset Optimization & Predictive maintenance

Expected Pilot Duration - 6 Months

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Challenge Summary

There are many surprise breakdowns in development jumbo during drilling and scaling operation in UG. Mainly these are damages on the feed area which contributes significant downtime and reducing the Availability.

Challenge Scenario

Mining Jumbos which are used to drilling and scaling operation in UG mines. The utilization of these jumbos is in the range of 25%, but while utilizing the Jumbos breakdown happens and impact the availability. These breakdowns are combination of operational and OEM. Majority of the failures happen due to rocks falling onto the drills feed, hose damage, hydraulic system failure, cylinder damage.

Profile of the end users

Coal Oven Team

Jumbo Operator - While operating the machine on to the face. During breakdown communication system is available to inform maintenance crew for rectification.

Procurement Team

Maintenance Crew: Crew need to travel to the face from surface or UG satellite workshop with all the required spares and consumables to attend the machine.

Mining Team

Mining Team - They need to plan alternatives in case of Jumbo failure and chart out plans which are time consuming.

Solution Requirements

Monitoring availability loss, Breakdown, damages are being recorded and circulated to team through various MIS.

Notification & Alert - Manual Alerts for Information

Report Generation - Reports are available in Excel templates

The system should be able to operate in the rough rugged mine environments

Installation - The system should be easy to integrate with the existing Mining Jumbo

Physical Risk - The equipment should not be damaged due to rocks and abrasives in the mine

Skills - Simple system to be used by the jumbo operators

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Availability (%) 56% 0
Compensation - including for the customers and logistics costs 72% 76%
MTBF of Jumbo (Hrs.) (Run hours basis) 10 >20
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Operational KPI/Metrics Current State Expected Target State
3. ESG Impact:
ESG Metric Target State (Expected)

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