Opportunity THEMES

360 Degree Sustainability &
Excellence in HSE

To achieve zero harm, zero waste & zero discharge across operations at Vedanta.
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Operational Excellence - Volume
Recovery & Efficiency Improvement

Transforming Operations across value chains to enhance the performance with integrated smart infrastructure and facilities while ensuring cost efficiency and productivity.
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Asset Optimization and Predictive Maintenance

To create advanced reliable assets through implementation of cutting-edge computing technology and analysis systems.
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Exploration, Mining & Blasting

Emerge as a leader in the mining industry through digital transition and advanced process control methods to make unit operation more effective and low cost.
Adopt to cutting edge Mines to Mills integration technologies for improved operational recoveries as well as improve production yields.
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Quality Excellence / Customer Technical Services

To emerge as the global leader in the production of quality raw materials
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Wealth Out Of Waste (WOW)

To create employment and new product enterprise through re-purposing of waste material for a gainful utilisation and create a zero-waste, zero harm, zero discharge environment.
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Optimized Logistic and Supply Chain Management

To build intelligent logistics and supply chain management systems for sustainable enhanced operations.
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Value Added Product Development

To become a global leader in developing products using the tailings/waste from mines, production of new composite raw materials, and recycling technology.
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CSR and Community Development

To support marginal communities within the vicinity of the Vedanta group companies in areas such as farming, education, livelihood, and sports to holistically develop them.
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Project Management

Transitioning all activities into digital platforms to improve agility across the value chain.
Fostering collaboration by reducing inefficient utilisation of skilled workforce.
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Outsourced Partner Management Excellence

Seamless and automated smart contracts for managing outsourced partners to improve operational efficiency resulting in the achievement of desired outcomes across business units.
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Oil and Gas Decline Management

Accelerate exploration and fast track the field development to enhance production and recovery with increased productivity and reduced costs.
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Digital Buying & Selling

To become a global leader in trading raw material through adoption of advanced digital platforms.
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Legal and Compliance Management

A unified digital platform focused on the end-to-end management of commercial contracts and legal processes to improve transparency across the Vedanta group.
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Employee engagement

Manage the talent pool starting right from the recruitment process to upskill them for various business needs, improve employee engagement, and create an alumni network with the adoption of global best practices.
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Industrial Security

Seamless and secure movement of assets, employees, visitors within plants and units of Vedanta with utmost visibility and maximum control through a centralized system.
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