Automated Weighment of RM, WIP & FG

Theme: Quality Improvement

Expected Pilot Duration: 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Manned weighing scales for booking Raw materials (RM), Work-in-progress (WIP) and Finished goods (FG), increases operational costs. A digitized solution is sought to automate the weighing process, and feed the data from the 6 WS onto the SAP portal.

Challenge Scenario

The weighment of the materials and recording of the value is monitored by the supervisor and surveyor at weighment scale (WS) locations. The collected data is recorded into the centralized SAP system. Additionally, a still camera is installed to maintain a digital record of the weighted material for verification.

The raw material, copper bundles are weighed and the value posted on SAP r/3 stock. Once the RM stock is recorded, the copper bundles are converted into copper rods (FG) through multiple stages of processing. At all stages till dispatch, the resulting product is weighed and the value recorded in the SAP system. The team also conducts monthly PV(Physical stock verification) to declare the stock of WIP's- Raw material, Impure copper, Pure copper, Spent copper plates, Copper rod, Copper bars,etc.

Weighment of RM & WIP is highly dependent on manpower, while, weighment of FG is based on the SAP integrated process but requires manpower to record the weighment entries into the system.

An automated solution for weighment of RM, WIP & FG is required to minimize manual intervention. With the implementation of the solution, only 1 supervisor would be stationed at the location where FG would be weighed. The solution is expected to fulfill the system compliance and voice of the customer (VoC).

Profile of the end users

Weigh scale Supervisor

The supervisor monitors all 6 of the weighing scale system's health in the plant area. Supervisor is stationed at the location when critical weighments are being captured(ie., Finished goods area WS) and should have access to information on the other weight scale’s health, at all times. In-case of any abnormalities identified, the supervisor should get an intimation via e-mail/phone call to attend to the issue.

Solution Requirements

Auto weighment of the materials (RM, WIP and FG)

Based on the material type, system should book the items in to the respective stock

Voice announcement to instruct forklift operators during material handling and after weighment

Email/phone call/Alarm notification to the supervisor when threat/abnormalities are identified

Alerts to indicate when weight of the material is below 500 Kg or exceeds 3 metric ton

Integration of IOT with SAP Based Program .

Able to perform weighment recording with 100% Accuracy

Security: Industry standard security licenses should be available for cloud based solutions and SAP Integration.

Integration: The solution should be integrable with the existing WS system to provide all deliverables stated above.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Weighment Recording of FG, WIP & RM Receipt Manned weighing scales 100% Automated weighment
Manpower reduction 6 people are engaged (SC-2,BP-3+Surveyor-1) WS Locations:
  • ASWM-Raw material
  • CCPC-Impure Copper
  • ACP-Impure Copper
  • Refinery-Pure Copper
  • CCR-Copper rod-FG
  • Logistics-Dispatch yard
1 Supervisor
2.  Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Manual recording of RM weighment Error free weighment
Cameras used for capturing the WS reading Direct inputs from WS to SAP Portal

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